1. Our enterprise idea is prestige, information and confidence. We try to provide you the highest quality products and service. We try to provide you the most repid information in fireworks industry.

2. We accept the customer special design, or putting the label as per the requirement of the regulation.

3. Quality is of great importance to YONG FA (FIREWORKS) INDUSTRY CO.,LTD ; safety is of paramount importance. YONG FA has established a system of quality control that ensure both. We carry out product testing at three stages: components, semi-finished and finished products. We look for safety, consistency and performance. We do more than a simple "final inspection". All our products conform to the U.S. ASFL & CPSC Standards and/or BS7114 European Standards. We are an AFSL shipper and carry global product liability insurance

4.The minimum order directly to YONG FA Fireworks is a 20-foot container, If you want to buy less than a 20-foot container, you will have to undertake the freight charge of the 20' container.

5.We understand a good quality product speaks much louder than any advertisement. We have been keeping and we are sure will be able to keep competitive in reloadable shells,display shells, display cakes, firecracker,sky rocket, bottle rocket,fountains,roman candles, mines, repeaters,saturn missile, smoke items,sparklers,parachutes, and shells launching tube in the next foreseeable years.

6 The door to our factories and company is always open. You are welcome to visit our factory at any time. We can arrange the demonstration show during your trip to our factory.

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